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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So, I was happily knitting along on CeCe last night when I completed the third repeat and the first ball of yarn. I was a little concerned, because I only had 4" completed. The total body length of CeCe at the 38" size is supposed to be about 19". My four balls of Calmer didn't seem like they were going to get me there. (Pattern calls for 650 yds of DK yarn, 4 balls of Calmer = 700.)

So, I looked at the piece I'd completed and it seemed a bit large. And it was! Although my stitch gauge is spot on at 5 st/in, the back is over 21" wide! M-i-L would swim in a 42" chest. The problem appears to be that my yarnovers are huge. Calmer is very soft and stretchy and the KnitPicks options glide too easily giving super huge YOs.

A re-start is in order. So, I started ripping it out, and I will finish that process tonight (ballwinder's in the office).

Question is, do I go down to an 8 (at which my gauge will be tighter still using more yarn than I want), or do I reduce the number of stitches using the KP 9 to get the right width but still ginormous YOs, or do I go get a bamboo 9 to see if that will help? (Problem is I don't think PURL carries bamboo circs.)

I'm kind of stumped. But, I'm going to make this work. I want to give M-i-L a CeCe in this yarn.

I brought sis's birthday swatch in to work on today. I tried at US 2 and it seemed floppy. I think a US 1 will work, but it will mean tinkering with the pattern if my gauge is tighter than 8 st/in.

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Tracy said...

Hmmm, quandry that one...if it were me, I would probably do a swatch in pattern on smaller needles and see where that gets you. I have the same problem when doing YO from knit to purl...I get HUGE YO's.
If a smaller needle doesn't work, you can always go down a size in the pattern.