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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


If you got to go to the pool with your friends, wouldn't you want to get dressed and get out the door without fighting with your mother over which shorts when?

If your boss wrote you an e-mail telling you to do something yesterday, wouldn't you have done it? Or if there was a reason you couldn't do it, wouldn't you have told your boss?

If your wife was in pain from a bum shoulder and PMSing, wouldn't you cut her some slack about being grumpy?

If your significant other had always re-heated pizza in the toaster oven, no matter how many slices he was heating, wouldn't you expect him to use the toaster oven again, not the oven?

If it were the Tuesday before a National Holiday and your office was closing at 3 pm, wouldn't you have a hard time focusing on the task at hand?


Rae said...

If a national holiday fell on a Wednesday, and you were president, wouldn't you either declare the whole week a holiday or move it more toward the weekend??

Actually, I like the first option better.

Hope you had a great fourth...indoors. We were cold- and rained-out. ;(

Amy Lane said...

Yes... yes yes...if we ran the world, wouldn't yarn be subsidized by the government?

Rained out on the 4th? it was 105 here... (not much humidity though...)