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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vegas Baby!

So, Hubby and I are taking our semi-annual trip to Vegas this weekend. We've pretty much gone every other year for the last 10 years. This will be our fifth trip and third downtown. Hubby likes to play poker at Binions and I like being able to get back to our room easily so Fremont Street it is (not to mention we're cheap like that). We fly out Friday after work and come back Monday night/Tuesday morning. B gets to spend the weekend down the shore with his grandparents.

I've pretty much planned out my wardrobe for the three days we're there and I think I've got the knitting planned. I'm taking CeCe and little sister's birthday present. Sis got me the measurements I need so I'll be off and running after some more swatching.

CeCe has progressed a bit. Since I modified the pattern and wrote down the wrong cast-on number (my math was good, the transcription was horrible, I added 16 instead of 20), it took a few tries to get properly adjusted to the eyelet pattern. I'm cruising now. (I changed the pattern to be the bust size from cast on up. Bonne Marie has an inverse V at the waist and I didn't think M-i-L would like that.)You can make out the eyelets, right? Gosh I miss my polaroid. This Kodak is crap for close-up and any non-flash photography.

Amy Lane made a good point in yesterday's comments. If Hubby had a hobby that included the acquisition of stuff, he wouldnt' have grounds to criticie my stash. Unfortunately, his hobbies do not include the acquisition of stuff. He's been a sports fanatic since childhood, but doesn't go in for the tchotchkes. He's got hats and t-shirts, but that's about it (no inflatable chairs or silly clocks). He likes to play poker and blackjack and bet the ponies, but there's not stuff there (as a matter of fact, the chip set I bought him hasn't been used in a year). Outlay of cash, absolutely and we don't really argue about who's hobbies are more expensive or cost-effective. I mean, my hobby gets him out of buying presents and provides me hours of enjoyment per skein of yarn. His problem is more that we've got a small house with a very ineffective housekeeper (my words, not his) so we don't need more stuff. Currently, I'm in agreement.

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Amy Lane said...

Wow--it looks gorgeous! (The thing about the mustang was that it was expenditure for fun that was never had... if he'd worked on it once in a while, there would have been no problem at all...)