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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

no beach for me

I'm not sure if I'd mentioned that I'd been pushing Hubby to take the condo for the weekend because we've not had a weekend at the beach since Memorial Day. So, we were going to go to a concert Friday night (not one I really want to go to, we've both seen both bands multiple times, but he's all fired up for it and bribing me with a good tailgate) and then get up and go to the beach Saturday morning. That crazy plan has been scrapped. We're still going to the concert (and as long as my cold is gone I'll find a way to enjoy myself), but we won't be going to the beach.

B's continued his potty backsliding and I was just so angry and wound up about it last night (the kid has not peed on the potty at home in days), I decided we should stay home (no zoo, no park, no nothing) and get him out of the habit of peeing in his pull-ups. Actual pooping in the potty (vs the constant telling us he's going to start pooping in the potty) would be welcome as well.

I know my anger and wound upedness last night have a lot to do with hormones and too much caffeine and taking really good decongestants all day, than the actual situation warrants. Granted the "school year" starts in a few weeks and B's next "teacher" keeps mentioning to Hubby that he can't wear pull-ups in her class, so that's a contributing factor. But, mostly I'm just irritated that he was going regularly on the potty and staying dry most of the time and now I'm back to changing wet pull-ups and it's got to stop.

I'll try to find my positive reinforcing and patient vibe for the weekend. The impatient harpy act is getting old and is probably not helping.

As for the beach, we're spending 5 days there for my birthday next month and as hubby puts it, we've got the condo for life.

I should have Cece finished over the weekend (assuming I don't have to knit a new bottom and graft) even without the car ride to Wildwood. I've got fewer than 10 rows to go (not counting knitting up the neckline).

I'd really like to start on the sis's present over the weekend. That would be good.


thordora said...

You know, when Vivian started backsliding and peeing her bed all the time for no good reason, we had a little chat about how babies wear diapers and how she was a big girl now, etc, etc. And especially how she wouldn't get to do certain things if she kept peeing in her bed.

If she had not been really ready, this wouldn't have worked.

There is a chance that he truly isn't ready, and I've always found schools trying to push kids like this a little rude. BUT, you might want to try being a little stern-I know all the books say not to, but with Vivian, it worked. Likely won't work on Rosalyn, but we'll deal with that when we get there.

My point is, don't be afraid to try something with your kid that YOU think might work. Likely he's feeling your strain as well, and relating it to the process.

Good luck. I can't imagine "having" to train within X amount of time. ick.

Amy Lane said...

The Cave Troll is driving me batshit as's the time w/out school, I'm sure it is...

The sweater looks great--and you'll remember how perfect he is soon, don't worry...