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Monday, July 09, 2007

Mommy, you stay there my house

Billy didn't want me to go to work today. He didn't want to stay home with me, that would have meant giving up going to the pool with Miss Tracy, but he didn't care that my boss wants me in the office. He couldn't tell me why it was okay for daddy to take the train to work, but mommy had to stay home. I would have loved to. I enjoyed my day off on Thursday last week.

B and I slept in after our aborted attempt to catch fireworks in the rain. "Fire too loud, Mommy" he keeps saying. He totally freaked out. I guess last year's in VT, at which he fell asleep, were much quieter especially considering the smaller scale in VT and the fact that our viewing point was much further away. I took him to school and then went shopping. I hit Target to pick up some 66 quart plastic containers.

Then I tackled the stash. I should have bought more than five containers. But, all the stash is now in the basement (well, except for current projects or stuff for the frog pond, that's in under the bed boxes in our room and in the office for easier access). I have an insane amount of yarn. 6 66-qt containers, plus 6 large ziploc/shopping bags/comforter bags. Hubby has pleaded again that I buy no more yarn until I put a dent into what I have, now that he knows the scope of the problem. Well, actually, he doesn't. I have at least 60 balls of yarn here in my office.

I bought two big balls of Lily sugar n cream at Michael's last Thursday to make a ball-band dishcloth-style bathmat for our bathroom. That's going to be it for a while. I'd like to empty at least one container before I buy another sweater's worth of yarn and finish another pair of socks before I buy any more sock yarn.

I cast on for M-i-L's birthday sweater, a CeCe in Khaki Calmer. Here's the ribbing Billy let me knit while he was in the kiddie pool in our back yard yesterday morning.

The queue of upcoming projects to help me tackle the stash:
  • M-i-L's CeCe (started)
  • Baby sis's birthday gift (swatching)
  • Mom's birthday sweater (possibly Freya from Rowan 36)
  • Hubby's St. Andrew's sweater (swatched)
  • More red scarves
  • Dad's Birthday Sweater
  • Billy's Birthday Sweater (a kelly green cotton aran)
  • New socks for Billy
And the current WIPs:
  • Serrano
  • Here there be dragons socks
  • Last ballband dishcloth
  • Crocheted baby blanket (only needs 1/2 edging)
  • Beaded rib anklets

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Amy Lane said...

Now see, about six years ago my husband bought a mustang and a parts car. And that thing sat...the mustang in the garage and the parts car under a tarp...and it sat and it sat and it sat. It cost an ungodly amount of money and it sat and it sat and it sat. We finally sold it--for a loss, but the upshot is, I am always knitting. Always. It doesn't matter if I make a dent or fill up the boxes I already have or even buy new boxes. It just doesn't matter because the yarn is potential, and I am always using it... so Mate doesn't bother me with details like the stash taking over. But no everyone has a Mate without a mustang...