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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm back

We got back to Newark at 8 am Tuesday morning, after narrowly escaping horrendous delays (thank God for stand by crews). I was in the office yesterday, but 3 hours of meetings and 200 e-mails meant no blogging.

Hubby and I had a great time in Vegas. We spent too much money and ate too much, but I did also spend time at the pool (100+ degrees and I maxed out at two hours) and saw a couple of movies. I really enjoyed Harry Potter 5. I can only look at it as a fan and it's got me jazzed for book 7 this weekend. I also saw Ratatouille. Pretty good, not my favorite Pixar.

I didn't knit too much. A couple of repeats on CeCe in the airports and a few rows on a new sock swatch waiting for Harry to start. Last night I got around to binding off for the sleeves on CeCe. I'll be starting sleeve 1 tonight.

B had a great time at the beach with the in-laws. In fact, he keeps asking for his grandpa. Little snot. He back pedalled a lot on the potty, but we're getting him back on track. Still no #2; he's all talk and no action. Hubby's going to buy a "reward" this weekend and place it on the fridge. It seemed to work to get him going #1 on the potty. Now, if he'd only consistently tell me when he has to go #1, I'd be happy.

Well, then he needs to learn to dress and undress himself and get on and off the potty himself.

It's good to be home. The problem with a cheaper hotel, besides really slow elevators, is very uncomfortable beds.


Amy Lane said...

Glad you're back--the cece's looking great! Isn't it ironic--we worry that we'll miss us and get mad when they have too good a time w/out us... that's okay--when he's a sulky teenager, you'll be glad you got him used to going to grandma and grandpas--in fact, he'll start asking you when he can go!

thordora said...

sounds like you had fun! Woot!

I really want to see nevada sometime...

Rae said...

the joy of cheaper of any kind, is that if you play your cards right, it means no kids. ;0

Glad you had a good time! Good to get some R&R. Skimp on a few bills next month and you'll make up the difference. We do it all the time. LOL.