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Thursday, July 26, 2007

potty time

Thanks, as always, for your support Amy and Thora. It helps to hear from moms in the trenches, or recently so.

B had a really bad day with the potty at school yesterday. He went through two pairs of shorts and a pair of pants and needed to be changed when I picked him up. Hubby and I talked to B a lot about the potty last night and how he shouldn't be peeing in his pull-ups and needed to really try to pee on the potty everytime (Hubby even pulled out the "unacceptable" word). B seemed to get it and peed on the potty last night before bed. Three times. Seriously, pee came out three times right before bed. I was getting irritated thinking that hewas just trying to put off going to bed, what with the lenghty sitting on the potty and the thorough hand washing, but he did do something each time. And he was dry this morning when he woke up and peed on the potty.

Hubby spoke with the "teacher" this morning who said that yesterday was out of the norm for B (apparently he was still using the potty a bit at school) and suggested we keep an eye out for a possible UTI. Duly noted. They're going to call me if he's having a lot of accidents today and if so, we'll take him in for a urine check tomorrow.

The joys of motherhood. When did my knitting blog become about pottying?

In other news, I was really freaked out to get a voicemail from polaroid about the camera I sent in last month. I was stressed that they were going to want more than the original fee I paid for the non-warranty repair (I dropped it, I violated the warranty). Nope, they called because they can't fix the m635, so they're sending me a t737 Chocolate. I should have it next week. I'm getting one more megapixel and a bigger LCD screen. And it's cuter.

God as my witness, I am not breaking this one. As much as I paid to ship the other one and the off warranty repair, I'm getting a bargain, but not when you add what Hubby paid lat summer for the original one. Of course, the $99 kodak still works (even though I have to tape the battery door closed).

As for CeCe, I bound off last night. I just need to finish the ribbing for the neckline, sew the sleeves to the body at the bind offs, weave in a few ends, and she'll be taking her bath, ready to grow, I hope.

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