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Monday, March 05, 2007

structure is as structure does

Thanks Amy and Rae for your comments on Friday (oh, and did you read Rae's post about getting the yarn? My head, she grows). I agree with Amy that a heavily structured day probably isn't the best fit for Mr. 3, but most of the places offering fulldays around here think that they're prepping for Harvard.

I've spoken with B a couple of times about what is expected of him, and he seems to be retaining it. This morning he told me he needs to "coperate" with the teachers and he seems much happier about going than he had been for a while. I'm beginning to think he's just been moody, but we'll find out on Friday when we have our sitdown at the center.

Gee, Friday's going to be fun. Meeting with the teacher and then we do our taxes! Hubby thinks we're going to owe since one of his three jobs from last year wasn't taking the 401K contributions the whole time. I'm so going to need lunch at the Irish Pub in AC, with a Guiness, or two.

The weekend was nice, I didn't knit too much on the Aran. I'm just about done repeat 4 and will be starting the raglan decreases. I must get the knitting done tomorrow so I can have Weds and Thurs for seaming and neckband. I did knit a bit on Billy's indigo gold socks on Saturday. I went for a hair cut and spent three hours in the salon (1.5 waiting, it's a walk-in place and 1/5 in the chair). That morning we'd gone to the zoo. B was very happy to see the animals. It was all he talked about yesterday. During nap yesterday, I did more dyeing (had to make room for my next knitpicks order, made Friday). I'm very happy with the results. I'll try to get some pics to share.

Rae, the yarn's Knitpicks superwash and nylon. I really like the feel of it, too!

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