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Monday, March 19, 2007

Represent, and more color

So, I didn't dye on Saturday. I wound up organizing the living room. Trying to get more toys out of sight. We really need to do a purge.

I did do some dyeing on Sunday, but no pics yet. My green gradiated dye didn't work as well as I had wanted it too. I set my intervals too long on the first segments and wound up having to add more dye which meant the later segments don't fade so nicely. I did however walk 400+ yards setting up a 14' skein.

When seeing me set up that skein around the dining room chairs, Hubby again asked why I can't just buy colored yarn.

I did do a 6' gradiation in pinky-orange. I think the intervals on that one were too short at first. The first two segments aren't quite as far apart as I wanted them to be.

I did take some pics in Sunday's sun of my previous experiments. L-R: Wool and silk blend in pink and orange (used cherry and orange kool-aid plus food coloring); Vegas sunset (NEON colors over superwash/nulon blend), and the most perfect shade of green ever (NEON colors at less saturation, over KnitPicks Donegal superwash).

I also started my REPRESENT hat (the in-laws will be picking up B for Hubby, he just can't get home early enough, and they'll have pizza dinner, and Hubby will put B to bed). I was going to use Cork in Delight (aka Cheetos), but saw a lonely skein of Rowan Tapestry in my craft-stash room/office. I had bought it to swatch with because it just looked so nice. Hmm, I thought. That would make a lovely hat. Looks pretty boring now, but there will be magic when I'm done. Magic, I tell you. It's been slow going. I couldn't find a small US6 circ, so I've done the whole thing on DPNs.

As for the B, he loved Atrick's Day. Once he got over that although we had cake, we weren't having a birthday party so there would be now Happy Birthday singing. I tried to get him to join me in Danny Boy, but he wasn't interested. Now, whenever he sees a shamrock, he says Happy Atrick's Day.


Rae said...

The oranges are beautiful. If it's the same fiber as the stuff you sent me, it'll be glorious. I love this stuff. Are you going to sell it?

And on the toy front, do you feel guilty purging? OK, maybe not guilty, but I have a HARD time purging. Mostly because DD DOES play with her toys in about, um, 5 second intervals. But she will randomly play with everything at some point. Still, my cup runneth over with her crap...

Amy Lane said...

wow--between you and Julie, I'm wanting to break out my Easter Egg kits and dye!