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Monday, March 12, 2007


Hubby's Aran was finished Thursday night. He thinks it's a little short. I think it would be perfect if he wore his waistband closer to his waist! Here he is at the AC St. Patrick's Day Parade on the boardwalk. He wore it all weekend, just like he said he would.

Details: Pattern is from Patons Aran Style. I knit it up in Bernat Handicrafter cotton (emerald). I got the yarn at Herrschner's last year for ¢77 a ball. Hubby thinks I shouldn't use any other yarn. I used US 6s and 8s. I started it last May as my green project spectrum project and it languished for about eight months. The only mods were to make the body a little shorter. Looking back, I should have knit to the pattern. I'm really glad that's done! I'm not planning to knit any cables or anything from a chart for a while. Here's a detail of the back.

Since that is done, and I also finished Billy's socks (which he's wearing today), I started a baby blanket yesterday. I decided I didn't like the diagonal stripe I had going on. So, plain garter stitch it is. I'm working it in three colors, one row each color. I'm carrying the yarn up the sides. I really like it so far. I have to more it to a longer cord. I can't measure it right now. I'd planned 30" but I think it's closer to 36", which means it will be vertical stripes. I've got an idea for a neat edging, if I have enough yarn left over.


chris said...

Hubby's sweater is just wonderful - what a nice knit!!!

Susan said...

Oh, very nice Aran!! I love the color. Now, is your husband's delight with the yarn about the qualities of the yarn itself, or is it just the bargain basement price?

Rae said...

Wow! The sweater is gorgeous! DH looks so happy, too. What a wide grin. I'm sure you're matched.

I'd love to see the socks. And I'm curious to know the edging on the blanket. I find blankets so darn boring, but the striping you're using might keep me interested. That and the border.

BTW, the Cake socks are growing.