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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Guess what I forgot at home

I finished my represent hat the other day (Monday, I think). As you can see, there is patterning. I re-worked my favorite slip-stitch rib with the wrong side out so I was knitting, instead of purling in the round. Turn it inside out when done and whoop! finished hat.
Of course, instead of coming with me tonight to see the Harlot, it's sitting on my dresser. I realized this as my bus was travelling through Hillside. I thought last night when I was getting ready for bed "I should go downstairs and put that in my bag. Naah, I'll do it in the morning." And then this morning I was getting dressed I thought "I have to remember to bring that downstairs with me." Of course, I forgot. But, I remembered while eating my raisin bran and I thought "I have to remember to bring that downstairs when I go get the B." But, of course I forgot all about it until the bus was in Hillside and it will stay on my dresser until I can mail it to one of the other events.
Represent was knitted with 1 skein of Rowan Tapestry in the Potpourri colorway on US 6 dpns.
I'm still very excited to see the Harlot tonight and to buy the next book. I even dug out an old SIP to bring with me. The first sock of the second pair of beaded rib anklets. The should be good company on the line.
I've been quiet this week. I stayed home sick on Tuesday (little stomach bug) and had no time to blog yesterday. I'm feeling more caught up today, but I think that's a trick of my mind (I haven't looked at my to do list in a while).


Andrea said...

I hope you have fun listening to Stephanie. The last time she came to town, I didn't go because I couldn't find anyone to go with and car-less me wimped out of taking a few busses.

Not this time! Assuming she comes back to Winnipeg ever.

Susan said...

Oh, I do the exact same thing that you did with that hat all the time. Today I finally remembered to bring a framed photo to work -- it's been ready to go since early December but I keep leaving it somewhere in the house and forgetting about it until I get to work.

Have fun tonight!

Rae said...

I do that, too. "I should get that ... nah, I'm smart and on top of it. I'll remember." I'm a dork.

I *WISH* we had planned better about Represent! I would have met you. Turns out I didn't go, but I would have with the help of a buddy.

Next time.

Nice hat. I don't get the "turned it inside out and voila, finished hat." I'll have to go back and look more closely at your post.