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Friday, March 23, 2007

guess who

So, my friend and I are heading out to lunch today and when the elevator stops at the 3rd floor I think that the blonde woman getting on looks a lot like Jayme the wonder publicist. Well, it was. Guess who followed her onto the elevator!

Guess who didn't say anything.

My excuse is that my friend was talking and I didn't want to interrupt her (although I couldn't tell you what she said because my brain was all THAT'S THE HARLOT, STEPHANIE PEARL-MCPHEE IS IN THE SAME ELEVATOR AS ME!!! SQUEEE!). And I didn't want to be the dork.

Wish I'd worn a handknit today. She would have sensed that I was one of her kind.


Andrea said...

I'm sure that even if you 'squee'd', she would have understood seeing as she tends to think she's a bit of a dork herself.

I totally would have squee'd.

Amy Lane said...

EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! OMG--I would have slobbered all over her.