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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

now you're really going to be bored

I took a picture of my lunch. See, I try to bring in a frozen "diet" entree everyday. I also try to eat that and not go out for lunch. I'm not really on a diet, but I'm too lazy to make a sandwich everyday and we stock up when they're on sale. It really helps the wallet if I'm not spending $10 everyday for lunch.

I usually don't bitch about the meals, too much. Yes, they're going to be smaller than the sandwich from the deli around the corner, but it's healthier and cheaper.

However, the discrepancy between the picture on the box and the actual meal caught my eye today. I realize that these companies use "food wranglers" to make the meals look attractive. But, I could have used Ace Rothstein today*.

I got one lousy carrot in my meal. I saved it, and the two biggest pieces of meat for last.
*Remember the scene in Casino where De Niro as Rothstein tells the chef that every blueberry muffin should have the same number of blueberries. Yeah, that, but with the carrots.

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Rae said...

LOL. That's too funny. I'm with you on the cost of lunch going out. I really limit it, though I get tired of making lunches every day. I have to do it for DD, so I just lop my own lunch together at the same time.