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Friday, March 16, 2007

letter y show tell

Hubby agreed to stay home or to go home early if needed. He'd like to watch the NCAA tournament. I've got to show someone how to estimate costs. Lucky me. Rae mentions stuff is closed by her. Nope, our school district is open for business. The rain/sleet just turned to snow outside my office.

But, since the weather was winterish this morning, B wore his new hat to school. I took a couple of pics in the car this morning.

This one is him looking unsure about taking pics in the big red truck. Can't really see the hat too well, but doesn't he look cute?

This one shows the hat better, but he's crying because I wouldn't let him have my camera. Besides the fact that "me see it" is not the appropriate way to ask for something, he ain't getting the new camera. I went through the broken camera thing once, I'll prevent it to the last.
The letter of the week has been "Y." Guess what Billy brought for show and tell. He's very into show and tell and since he's been student of the week, he's brought a couple of things already. Friday, is class-wide show and tell, though. We were trying all week to think of Y words. Well, duh, he brought in a ball of Rowan Cork.


Rae said...

OMG I am so not a knitter. The Y word I came up with is Yak.

A yak. Who the !@#$ thinks of Yak? Duh.

Sorry you didn't get the snow. It's really really miserable here. I'm not looking forward to the commute home. NYC is kicking me hard on the last day.

Amy Lane said...

Yawning Yellow Yak...young Yolanda Yorgenson is Yelling on his back... (thank you Seuss...) but I LOVE THAT's soooooo little boy, and they ADORE orange!