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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bored, yet?

I didn't get a picture of B in his hat. It was too nice to make him wear a hat or coat last night. After we got home we sat outside yesterday and played bubbles until Hubby came home. B was such a good helper yesterday, washing tables and putting away chairs, that he got a new mini-bottle of bubbles from the lead teacher. He got some Thomas stickers, too.

I'm averaging about 5" a day on the garter stitch blanket. Three more days or so and the body will be done. I'm getting a bit bored with it. I bet you're getting bored with looking at the pictures, too. Especially since I don't have any yarn to pose with it today.

I do have some thoughts on what I'm going to dye next. I'm going to fire up my crockpot on Saturday for a special St. Paddy's day dye. Yes, I'm crazy to plan an extended dye session when I need to clean (in-laws coming over for dinner) and hubby's going to be all in the kitchen cooking. But, I haven't dyed in nearly two weeks and since I didn't knit anything for myself for St. Paddy's, I want to dye something. I'm going to do some of the prep work early. It's going to require an extra long skein, so that will happen one night this week.

I've also got another dye idea in mind, prompted by a blog post I read yesterday. I might wait and do that one on Sunday.

I really want to start a sweater for me. I was thinking ChicKnits' Ariann in some white Saucy worsted. I've already done the math to upsize the pattern. Now, I just need to find the yarn and get the needles together. Or, I could start on the sweater I want to knit with that Calmer I bought a month ago. Then again, I have B's sweater to finish, socks in progress to find and work on, and a vest for me that I haven't mentioned that's stuck at the waist shaping. Oh, and mom's dishclothes and a hat I started way back when. Hrmm. Perhaps I shouldn't cast on anything new.

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