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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

baby blankets and sock yarn

I've got a spoiler in this post, if I can post pictures. Andrea may not want to read very far.

Thanks so much for the compliments on Hubby's sweater. Susan, he really liked the color (amazing how well it matched his t-shirt), but was mostly happy with the price of the yarn. Me, I'm not planning any cables with worsted cotton again anytime soon. No lasting damage, but it was tiring on the wrists.

Rae, I'll see if I can get a picture of the completed Billy socks. They're in his hamper right now. I'm a bit miffed that he's not wearing them into the ground like his jacko'lantern socks. The blanket is just garter stitch. I cast on about 122 stitches and have been doing one row in each of three colors. (The yarn is a melange from light to dark so it might look like more than three colors.) It's a pretty boring knit, but that's what I want right now! When I'm ready to read a chart again, I have to do the duplicate stitching on B's bounce.

So, I've got over 10" done on the blanket and have just started the second ball of each color. I'm going to have a nice 30 x 32 blanket even without a border.

I knit up a quick hat for Billy Saturday while Hubby played in a poker tournament (I like the Showboat, they have nice seats outside the poker room). I got a little bit of attention from passersby. Since it's going to be 60° today, B saw the completed hat on the table this morning and had to wear it. I wanted to take a picture, but he was way too cranky. I'll try to get one tonight. Just a basic round hat with a garter stitch brim.

As for that pic, here's the blanket with the hand-dyed I'm sending to Andrea today for winning my little contest last week. It makes me think of Irises.


Rae said...

Beautiful hand dyed. Perfect for spring. Reminds me of Easter.

Andrea said...

I sat hard and long (okay five minutes), staring at the screen trying to decide if I should continue reading...I couldn't help it. I was one of those kids who would trying and skillfully unwrap the presents under the tree to see what the box could tell me while my parents were out shopping.

I think that colourway is so so so gorgeous, it makes me think of springtime and how excited I'm getting now that our massive snowbanks are melting and I can see (dead, wet) grass again!

I'm so excited!! Thank you!