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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

dye, baby dye

So, I was a bit busy with the dye pot last weekend. Friday night, I tried to do a three shade of blue pooler in three bowls. Didn't quite work (remember, lay off on the vinegar with the superwash or stir, stir, stir). Also, probably not a good idea to dye when Hubby is working late, I'm cooking and B is still 3 and awake. Doesn't lead to much stirring.

Saturday, I tried again to make a three shade blue pooler. This time, into the crockpot, no vinegar, and a gradiated dye. Again, not so much with the luck. I've got three shades of blue and it will probably pool if knitted back and forth (the whole point having been inspired by this post of Fathom Harvill's, although 440 yards of fingering probably isn't enough for a scarf, right?).

I've also been wanting to do an Easter basket dye with all my favorite Easter colors (or their closest NEON variation). This time I was going to hand paint. I used so much vinegar in the hot water that I mixed the colors in that I really didn't need to cook it to set it! That was fun. Although, my planning out of the color sequence was not so great.

Again, I didn't plan the timing of the activity so well either. Hubby brought B home earlier than expected during the dip dye of the blue and he came home during nap mid-way through the Easter basket pour. (He relieved me of Mommy duty so I could go shopping; bonus = new clothes, not just new yarn.)

So, here's a pic of my last five efforts. From L-R, Barbie goes Boca, an orange-y pink dip dye that was supposed to be gradiated. I made a slightly longer skein for this one. Next to that is Shamrock Sunday. I made a 14' skein for that one and it was supposed to be my green gradiated dip dye (got some great tips on how to better do that from Julie's last Knitty article). Next is Easter Basket (Hubby thinks it should be called Woodstock). Then Partly Cloudy my first attempt at a blue pooler. Last is Easy Blues, the other attempt at a blue pooler.

I am now out of sock yarn for dyeing. Must go order more.

In other news, I'm working on the border for the garter stitch baby blanket. Must go look up garter stitch mitres.


Amy Lane said...

I like that middle one--but all in all, what a lovely batch of work!

Rae said...

Ooohh the Barbie one is pretty. I like it. I'm not into dying (dye-ing?) so the vinegar discussion doesn't make sense, but I'll take your word for it. I have visions of you holding B on your hip while stirring. Only lasts so long with DD.