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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I love .... cake

Thanks for the love on Rae's 80s cake. I hope it knits up as nicely as it looks in the ball.

I brought Orange Crush with me so I could take a few pics. I've got these huge windows now with northern exposure and I think the lighting is good for these kinds of macro shots. Someday, I'll grow up and use a light tent. I did have to adjust the color a skosh. It was a little too yellow.

Now, it's looking too pink to me. But, this is a hard color to capture and describe precisely because I wanted a mish-mash of orange and pink.

I didn't do too much knitting last night on Hubby's aran, but I'm 17 28ths through the first repeat.

The consensus at home is that I have to knit Billy his own orange hat. He's taken a liking to my orange swirl and Hubby thinks it's a little girls. Good thing I still have some Cork in Cheetos! I might try to bang that out this weekend before it gets cold again.

I was a real cranky pants this morning, but surprisingly we had a good morning at home. Well, once I let Billy wear his shirt backwards. See, it's got a large 8 on the back and he wanted to be able to see it (nevermind the small 8 on the front). Yep, I'm a lazy mom.

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Amy Lane said...

Nah...I just let the Cave Troll wind the same (orange!) ball of yarn twice...all he wanted was the orange one, not the six skeins of blue that needed winding, just the orange:-0