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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Seaming party chez Netter tonight

I'll be seaming up hubby's aran tonight. I haven't washed or blocked it, but it's 100% cotton. I don't know if a block is necessary. Most of the edges are seed stitch, so not much roll to account for. I did weave in all ends last night so I could put it in the washer, but didn't finish until 11. By then, I was ready for bed!

I brought these with me instead. I finished the gusset on the second heel this morning. I'd like to get them done tonight. That will be one more WIP off my list.
Not much response to my contest. I guess it was harder than I thought (either that or neon socks aren't that popular). I'll extend the deadline if I don't get many more responses today. One hint: macho American fiction.
I haven't taken any pics of Sunday's dye extravaganza. B and I went to Target last night. Hubby and I needed new sheets and a new quilt (we've had the same comforter on our bed for 11 years).

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Rae said...

Wow. I actually really love the pattern of those socks. It's probably also the yarn -- I hate ribbing. I find ribbed socks really boring. I made one pair and said I'd never make another.

Then I finally made my own pair of socks using a pretty lace pattern. They're pretty socks, but I think I like the snug-ness and "huggy-ness" of the ribbed or rib-like sock patterns. I made some socks for DH that have a nice snug pattern, and I've more than once thought of stealing them. I may just have to whip up a pair for myself. I just find ribbing so darn boring!

Looks like I really sucked at the contest. ;)