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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

complete and utter liar

So, that whole Knit from your stash thing has bitten the dust. I knew if I bought that Calmer in February I'd lose it. Who uses their get out of jail free card in February? So then, I bought the yarn for B's 2008 Atrick's Day sweater. And now, I'm going nuts on eBay. I'm getting 10 sks of Rowan Spun Aran in Gables (pretty red) and 10 skeins of Polar in dark truffle (mmmmmm, chocolate).

I have no resolve. I have a large bonus check and no will power.

I'm going to try to keep the stashing to once a month. But, we'll see about that.


Rae said...

I must, I must, I must resist the ... bust.

OK, I've had 3/4 bottle of wine and I'm waaay behind on my blog posts. So I can't rhyme this. What's my response to your post?

PLEASE don't be an enabler. ;) (that's from DH, channeled through me) I'm still stash busting (minus the monthly STR subscription). I've done well NOT buying yarn for a LONG time, but the more I read of others caving, the more tempted I am to cave.

I MUST RESIST the URGE to keep PACE! ;)

Ruth said...

I wonder how many folks will be left by the end of the time period (was it six months??) And that LYS owner was worried no one would ever buy yarn again....