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Thursday, March 15, 2007


I think I want it to really snow tonight and tomorrow. I think I really want daycare to be closed tomorrow (or at least close early). I really, really want to take the day off. Shh, I know I took a day off last week, but I want stay home. I could take a vacation day, but having the last minute excuse of a big snow would be more fun.

Of course, I'd probably be more than ready to come back to work on Monday. What we think we want doesn't always work out to what we really want. You know? And three day weekends with the B can drive one a bit round the bend.

Poor kid. Mommy was very cranky last night. I'm all hormonal and people at work are not being nice (hanging me out to dry with the VP is not cool). So, we started off on a wrong foot. Then he all flipped out about the 8 being broken in Chicka Chicka 123. See all the numbers fall out of the tree and 8 has a visible tear in one of the pages. He wanted to get some scotch tape to fix it. I showed him that 8 has a cool green band-aid on the next two pages and is all fixed on the end papers, but that wasn't enough for him. Nice that he's so empathetic. I hope he remembers that the next time he kicks me when I'm trying to get him to do something he doesn't want to do. Or the inadvertent head to the throat the other night, that was fun. (He was trying to hug me, get me to save him from THE CLAW.)

We had a better morning this morning. I need to find patience for him everyday and not just when I'm in a good mood. And when I'm frustrated and impatient? I need to turn it down to about a 6. 11 is way too much.

Didn't knit much last night. I parked my butt with a beer (or two) and some popcorn.

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Rae said...

Sending SNOW THOUGHTS to your part of town. In fact, I'm sending all of our snow to you. If we have a snow day up in these parts, I won't techically show up in person for the last day of work, and hence, won't get paid, yada yada.

And aw, c'mon, doncha love the head butts and the elbow to the head, etc? DD woke up (wet) yet again last night at 3. We changed, she climbed into our bed, and then proceeded to breakdance until 5 when I firmly "hugged" her in the spoon position to physically restrain her long enough for the fatigue to set in. I got a few whacks in the head as a result, but they were promptly followed by a high-pitched, "Sorry Mommy" and face rub to make it all better. ;)

Do you let B sleep with you? I've vehemently resisted DD sleeping with us until now when she can't sleep at all and is not in a crib (hence will get up and play with her toys).