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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Well, Hello Billy!

I finished the second flap for Mom's Air. Now all I need to do is all that seaming! I think I'll aim for seaming over the weekend. It's not really bus-able.

Still no movement on Zipo. I went to Curves (we missed most of the bad weather that hit the area last night so we were home on time and I had no problems driving downtown), hubby made dinner, Billy had a quick bath, then Mommy watched Lost (mmm, yummy), then it was kitchen tidy time, a few minutes of TV with Daddy and Molly*, then CSI:NY in bed, during which I promptly fell asleep. I don't know what happened to the art dealer or the construction worker. I did wake up to find out that the little boy was scary.

I nearly missed the 5:10 last night. When I got to the gate, there were 44 people on the bus already and I couldn't tell how many were in line in front of me. I wound up being the 50th (only 49 seats), but sweet hubby was in the first seat and let me have it. He stood all the way home. But, the driver keeps the lights in the first few rows too dim to knit with brown yarn. So I started my swatch for Hello Billy. I finished it this morning. I've lost my 8US Bates Quicksilver Circ, so I'm using my needlemaster 8; I still hate the join because the needle likes to twist off the connector. My stitch gauge is spot on, but my row gauge is off one row over 4". Not too bad. I'll be casting on tonight! I hope this will be a pretty quick knit. (I've only got 3 weeks till his party.) It should be quick it's less than 14" wide and 14" long. I'm making the 1-2 year size. I think I may lengthen the arms a smidge. He's got quite a wing span my kid!

*No cuddles for Mommy last night. She was all about the Daddy. Actually, it was compulsively lick Daddy's legs night. My husband doesn't mind her obsessively licking him below the knees, but his thighs get mighty ticklish! I wonder if she sensed that he's going out tonight and she won't see him.

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