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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I (heart) Billy’s sweater

I love the kid, too, but this sweater is just cruising. I finished the back Friday night (watching All in the Family on DVD) and cast on for the left front. I got the ribbing done before bed. I finished the left front Saturday (watching afternoon basketball, driving to m-i-l’s, watching the Jets be very lucky in OT) and cast on for the right front. I got through the ribbing again before I went to bed. I haven’t had as much knitting time since Saturday, but I have gotten through the armhole decreases and am about to work the last blue stripe. Then it’s golden, baby. Right front should be finished tomorrow. Then I’m off to sleeve island. Someone warm up the blender (actually I’m a rocks kind of gal, not slushies).

I cannot wait to cast on for his bucket hat; it's going to be so much fun. We may be going to FL soon (my paternal grandmother-in-law lives in Juno) and he’ll need a new hat. I may whip out one of these, too.

Must get a zipper! That's going to be the toughest part, sewing in the zipper. Good thing my machine is in the same room as the computer at home. I'll boot up Bonne Marie's tutorial and be good to go.

Poor Billy boy. He got a pretty clean bill of health yesterday from Dr. Maggie. His ears aren’t where she thought they would be, so we’re going to an ENT (otolaryngologist for those studying vocab) on Monday for evaluation; but the infection was going bye-bye and everything else was clear. Then he puked all over me last night (I think it was just gas after his bed-time bottle binge). He slept fitfully, but didn’t wake up. When he got up this morning, he had huge, dark circles under his eyes and a temp of 101.4. I sincerely hope it’s this seventh tooth (lovingly being referred to as Mickey Mantle chez Netter) and not something more serious. I don’t want to be in the office, but I have to be. I have to support the yarn habit somehow.

Speaking of yarn habit, I may have just stashed again. Let me check eBay. Nope, got outbid. Whew, I want to save the hubby’s ire for the Quechua being released by Elann later this month. I can always get Rowan Ribbon Twist. I was about to give up the first time I was outbid, then I got competitive. Always a bad idea. "Just let it go Netter" should be my anti-stash mantra (for eBay anyway, still kicking myself about the baby alpaca).

Quick question, would plying my own yarn be the first step down the slippery slope to handspinning? I have a large ball of black wool lace weight and lots of fake mohair in pink that I can’t think of doing anything with on their own. I was thinking of holding them together to make something, but what if I plied them together? I love black and pink together and this would have a very interesting texture. How can I get a drop spindle quickly? (The laceweight was free and the fake mohair was extremely cheap so I won’t worry too much if I ruin some of it.)

‘kay. Just bid on a spindle and 2 ozs of roving on eBay. This does not violate the no stash rule as it is fiber, not yarn. Besides, I’m going to try to bust stash by plying the two yarns I will not use together to make something I will use. Yeah, this might be trouble. I just searched roving on eBay. Ooops. Bad Netter. Get back to work!

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