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Friday, January 21, 2005

A week's gone by

A whole week has gone by since I last posted. Did you miss me?

I've finished Hello Billy, but for the collar and the seaming. Well, I seamed the shoulders and started picking up stitches for the collar. I haven't touched it since last Saturday. I was going to throw it in my bag for the bus today, but didn't have time this morning. Still need to get a zipper!

I hope to work on the collar and start his bucket hat tonight. Hubby is going to a concert with a buddy (I wish I could go, but how much babysitting can we expect from m-i-l and I want to spend some quality time with my boy). So, after Billy goes to sleep, mommy has knitting time. Well, that depends on Miss Molly, doesn't it?

I've got to grocery shop (dinner for me, formula for the kid), so maybe I'll pick her up a special treat and bribe some peace and quiet out of her.

I'm bringing home the pattern and some of the yarn for f-i-l's birthday sweater. Might as well get started. I know, I've got a bunch of overdue things in the finishing pile. That's for next week at home. Love, love, love to get them done for mom & dad's visit next weekend. I do need knitting for the bus, you know.

We're having a birthday party. A first birthday party. I'm making him a baseball or basket ball cake with this neat pan I bought at Joann's this summer.

My trip to London was fine. The weather was nicer than here, but I didn't do too much sight-seeing. I got more sleep than usual (except on the flight over). I'll be going back every quarter. Next trip is in April.

It's nice to be home. I missed my guys and my doggie, and my bed.

It's good that we all left our most recent department meeting laughing, right?

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