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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Buckets and baths

I've made some progress on Billy's bucket. I finished the brim and have started the band. Since I don't have a 16" US7 and I'm hoping to be smaller than Bonne Marie's small, I've gone directly to dpns. Seems to be working okay. Progress was made on the bus. I didn't have any knitting time at home last night. I did get the second sleeve partially inserted into Hello Billy, but then Molly decided she needed her mommy-pillow and the sweater was put away. I will have it finished for Saturday, but I'm not sure if my parents will receive their long-awaited birthday sweaters. Maybe Dad. I only have to put the sleeves in and weave in ends. I haven't done any seams on Air, yet.

Billy's gotten weird about taking a bath. I have to get into the tub with him and hold him while he whimpers and shivers. Sunday night, I felt like a mama monkey with baby attached to my front. Last night, he at least turned from me a bit, but there's no way he was getting into the water. I hope that within a week, we'll be back to bath as usual. I was able to get him to calm down after having his hair washed by showing him how mommy handles getting water poured on her face.

Mickey Mantle hasn't appeared as of this morning. Fortunately, he didn't wake Billy in the night.

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