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Monday, January 24, 2005

New Toy

I’ve got a new toy. And it is a toy. It’s an itty-bitty digital camera I got when signing up with Now, Zooba alone is worth the sign-up. $9.95 a book with no shipping costs. They’ll send you a book each month or however frequently you want. You create your own reading list and you’re good to go. (I have to go add the Joe Namath book for Hubby if they have it.) I will admit they really did sucker me in with the offer of a free digital camera. It’s tiny and I may get somewhat decent pictures out of it eventually. Here are the best ones I’ve taken so far (posted below). (Note, it only holds 20 high-res images at a time; well high-res for it.) I figure it’s a good bridge with the DVD cam until I get my new PC and a real digital camera. I may even start posting some knitting pics!

We got about 15 inches in the blizzard this weekend; it was slow going coming in this morning but not too awful. It sure is cold, though. Hubby did all the shoveling. I offered to help but he said I should stay in with the boy. Good idea, Billy napped for a bout 40 minutes each day. He usually naps 3-4 hours a day. Fortunately, he was in bed by 7 each night. I hope he naps at daycare! I also hope he eats for them. He wasn’t into the food for mommy this weekend.

I didn’t get too much done this weekend. Billy really wanted Mommy around (I think it was left-over from my trip this week). And when he did go to sleep I was beat, too. (More leftovers from my trip.)

I did get the neckband on Hello Billy finished. So I just need to do the sleeves and side seams. I’ll be picking up a zipper next week. It won’t be completely finished for our little birthday party this weekend, but he’ll be able to try it on. I cast on for his bucket last night. Well, started the cast on. I’m not quite finished; only a few more stitches to cast on. I’m doing a cable cast on to get a nice firm edge. I’m going to modify the pattern down a bit. I’ll try to get the math done today.

I’m not so patiently waiting for Elann to post the yarn of my recent lust. It will be the last purchase for a while. I know I’ve been saying that since what, November?, but I’ve got a ton of projects lined up. Including learning to spin with my gorgeous roving and drop spindle and plying some of that free & cheap yarn I have. Oh, I also need to clean out the craft area in our basement (currently the crap area) and set up my knitting machine. I see a large wrap or throw in the future.

Well, must get to work. Lots of new manuscripts to hand out and I must clear some of this detritus from my desk.

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