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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

One down

One pocket flap down, one to go. I've cast on for the second and started the increases. I should have it finished today so I can cast on for Hello Billy tonight. WOo HOo! I'm so looking forward to starting a new project. I've had the same things on the needles for over a month!

Still no more seaming progress on Zipo. Again, massive cuddles with the Molly. I just can't resist when she wants her mommy-pillow. It was a nice night chez Netter; my hubby grilled a steak on the foreman grill and we had it with green beans. We played with Billy for a while and then he was in bed by 8. I tidied the kitchen again (two days in a row is a record) and then we watched "50 First Dates." It was really cute. I like how they handled the ending. Sappy and sweet, but not totally unrealistic.

I'm hoping the weather follows the forecast and we don't get hit with a lot of freezing crap. I'd like to get to Curves again tonight. I'd also like to watch the first new episode of Lost in weeks. I can't miss it!

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