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Thursday, January 13, 2005

ear, nose & throat boy

So, I'm at home. There is a mountain of stuff on my desk. Some of it really needs to be completed before my trip next week; some needs to be completed for my trip next week. But none of it is getting done today because I'm at home. Why am I at home? Because Billy woke up at 3:38 and felt like he was on fire. His temp was 101.5; not a good thing when your temp is supposed to drop while you sleep. I gave him a bottle and he spit up all over (the fourth time in three days he's hugely spit up after a bottle). So we got changed and played for a while. I got him to go back to sleep about 5. Then I took a nap. No way I was going to work today (and m-i-l needs to be in the office occasionally, too).

At 8:45 when he woke from his nap, we got up; I called my boss and co-manager and then his pediatrician. The nurse called back by 9:30 and we had an appointment for 11. He had a temp of 103.2 when she took it. (Either our rectal thrermometer is inaccurate or I'm not doing it right because when I took his temp at 8:45 it was 100.4.) Fortunately, it's not his ears again. It's his tonsils. He's got red, pussy tonsils. Did you know tonsilitis can cause kids to spit up? I do now.

Off to the drugstore we went. It's like our third home these days (the ped's office being our second). Cephalosporin for him this time. 3 ml once a day for 10 days. She said I should ask the ENT we're seeing on Monday if we should bring him back to her for a follow-up on the tonsils (if so back to Dr Maggie in 2 weeks we go). She said his fever should break after 2 days on the antibiotics but to keep giving him advil for it. M-i-l is sitting with Billy tomorrow. I have to go in and take care of stuff for my trip. Of course I really don't want to go.

I had a good cry after I talked to the nurse on the phone and before our appointment. Billy just played on the floor with his cool toys. Molly crawled into my lap to try to make me feel better. How chewing on my fists was supposed to be comforting, I'm not sure; but isn't it great how dogs know when you need to be comforted? She's so sweet.

Billy's sleeping now. I just checked on him and he's on his tummy with his knees tucked under him and his but in the air. How do kids sleep like that?

I should be doing something domestic. I do have a load of laundry in the wash (the clothes he spit on last night and this morning). I tried to clean the oven (it's been a mess since we did that turkey New Year's Day), but I had a smoke condition and had to stop it. Now the smoke detector upstairs keeps chirping (I took it apart and put it back together after the smoke cleared).

I feel like a tool. I wish today were a 40 mg day for the SSRI and not just a 20. Not that it elevates my mood like that or would make me less worried or more confident, but I would derive some comfort. Yes, I am a modern American. Give me a pill to make it all better!

I've not done any knitting since last night. I finished the first sleeve of Hello Billy on the bus as predicted. I had many fewer rows than I thought. Since I haven't picked up the needles since, I haven't cast on for sleeve two. I will eventually. Maybe tonight, but if not, definitely tomorrow morning on the bus.

I tried watching CSI:NY last night. Bonne Marie at beat me to posting about the murder weapon in one of the crimes. I fell asleep and have no idea who killed either the dog handler or the bike messenger. I woke up hearing Colin Ferguson.

I did watch LOST. I felt like a bad mommy rushing my sick child to bed last night so I could watch a tv show, but he got back at me getting me up at 3:30. (Two and 1/2 hours after I woke up and turned off the tv.) I really like that show and am terribly bummed that I will miss an episode next week while in London. I'll get over it. Hopefully, I'll be home in time next week for CSI.

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