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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Billy birthday bucket brim

The brim grows. Photographic evidence above (it was going to be below, but the picture didn't post). I'm kind of winging a size "T" (for toddler). I was going to do the whole knitting math-thing ahead of time, but decided not to think so hard. So far, so good. Fortunately, Bonne Marie's done all the hard work already.

I also got a whole sleeve seamed into Hello Billy. I'll do the other tonight and finish weaving in ends (just a few left I did most of them already). Then it's done (except for the zipper). The zipper will be purchased and inserted next week. I've got an appointment with my psych next Monday and there's a Joann's on the way.

I would have gotten more brim and/or seaming finished but at 9:30 Billy woke up screaming. When I picked him up, he started arching his back violently and just wailing. For nearly an hour I tried rocking him, singing to him, burping him, walking with him, and giving him a bottle to no avail. Then Hubby came upstairs with Billy's favorite puppy (Otis the barking puppet) and he started chewing on him. Light came on for Hubby, maybe it's those teeth we've been expecting all month. So I gave him some orajel and some advil and he calmed down and konked back out. He woke up again about 1, but was easily rocked back to sleepiness. I didn't see proof that Mickey Mantle has arrived (it's tooth 7 and we're Yankee fans); but I hope he's imminent. I can't take many more screaming fits like that.

So, I was wrong yesterday. The object of my affection doesn't go on sale at until today. I can't wait! Stashing will happen! I think I may have to start the sweater as soon as it arrives!

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