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Friday, January 28, 2005

Bucket nearly done

I don't remember why I didn't bring work on the bus home with me last night. But, by the time we left Port Authority I was kicking myself. That's because I finished the bucket waiting for the bus to pull away from the gate (see below, thanks to seltzer bottle for modeling). No knitting for the whole trip home! So, once I duplicate-stitch Billy on the front, it will be done, done, done. Three days for the knitting not bad!

In my bag for today are the bucket for duplicate stitching and Zipo for sleeve seaming and end-weaving. Didn't get a knittable seat in this morning, so no progress made on either today. I did finish seaming the sleeves into Hello Billy last night and wove in the last few ends. Once I get a zipper in, it will be fini! Yay! I should have 2 (if not 3) FOs for posting next week.

I can't wait to start something new. I guess I'll throw my f-i-l's sweater vest on the needles next. Although, I'm really tempted to start my ribby cardi, or the Shocking Jacket from IK Winter '04 (I'm hoping to get gauge in summer tweed). Then there's my salsa splash, first pair of socks, my own bucket, Paris Loops for the sisters, and finally knitting something for my hub! Of course, there's always the instant gratification of knitting another thing for the boy.

Oops. How did I forget that Air needs to be seamed!

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