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Friday, January 07, 2005

aran weight + toddler-size sweter = quicker knitter

I've reached the armhole decreases for Hello Billy. I cast-on yesterday waiting in line for the bus and knit all the way home. I stopped for a few hours at home (had to take care of the boy and eat) and then knit while watching CBS. (Molly was in the bone-zone and then cuddled with my ankles, very cooperative with the knitting.) I was thinking that I was more than half-way done with the back, but then I realized that these are some deep armscyes! I'm about 52 rows in and the shoulder/neck bind offs start at row 86. The final bind off row is #91. I guess I am slightly more than half-way done, but it still seems like a lot. Fortunately, the next 30 rows are 10 stitches narrower.

I would be a few rows further along but I had a row counting issue and ripped out the first blue stripe before I remembered that the loops on the needle count as a row. I was so confused trying to figure out why I had an odd number of rows when I'd just finished a wrong-side row and it should really be an even count! Yes, I have been knitting for a couple of years now. Why do you ask?

Did I mention that I'm really loving the ASC? It's so great to knit with and makes such a great fabric. And no, Rowan is not paying me. (Neither are my favorite sources.) I do plan on abusing my swatch to see what kind of machinery I can use on it. This is for my baby you know. The child who could not stop eating, who spent the first 8 months of his life with serious reflux issues. I can guarantee it will need frequent cleaning and I'm not so into the handwashing. (Makes a lot of sense with the higher-end fibers I buy, huh? Well, don't expect to see any Colinette chez Netter.)

As for Air and Zipo. I haven't touched them. Well, I did touch Zipo to move some notions from that project bag to the Hello Billy project bag. I think I need to have a little seaming party a la Fluffa. Anyone know how to make a Kir Royale?

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