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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Meathead is done. I was going to say well done (har har), but I’ll leave it to Larissa to decide the quality. Boy, was that ever a quick knit! I was done before I was close to being home last night. Stupid rubberneckers on the parkway extended my commute by 20 minutes! Twenty minutes with no knitting because I finished meathead! Pity me! I forgot how annoying a traffic jam can be with no knitting to soothe you!

I will post a photo tomorrow. I’m at home today and our very old pc (it’s a 98) doesn’t have a DVD drive so I can’t access any digital photos. (Even if I weren’t using our DVD cam for digital photos, I don’t think this thing would access a digital cam). I have to find an appropriate model. I tried it on Billy this morning, but he just wanted to rip it off his head and eat it. Of course, everything goes in his mouth, he’s only 7 months old.

In other knitting news, I cast on and started my Paris Loop last night. Of course, I had to rip it out. I had twisted the cast on row. I really need to get the loops out of my new 17 circ. I will definitely start up again today if I have time.

I’m home today to take Billy to the doctor. Check-up and shots, poor baby. Poor mommy, not only does she have to see her baby get picked, she’s got to do housework.

I’d like to sit here, surf some more, play more cribbage, fiddle around, but those rugs aren’t going to vacuum themselves! I do wish they would and start earning their keep around here.

PS, I'll change the sidebar tomorrow when I have a high speed connection. Dial up sucks.

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