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Friday, September 03, 2004

This morning when I dropped Billy off at day care, Miss Martha was making him laugh and he was having a grand ole time. She asked me if he was always like this, always so happy and quick to laugh and smile. I said that he was; that sometimes he gets cranky when he wants to take a bath and go to bed but other than that he’s a sunny boy. I love my kid so much.

Hubby is out tonight. He and his Dad are going to the last Jets pre-season game tonight. I do not begrudge him his football games with his dad; it’s usually only 10 days a year and I think it’s important that they spend time together. So, it will be just Billy, Molly and Mommy tonight. I hope Billy goes down early again and that I can get Molly either asleep or interested in a bone. I’ve got A LOT of knitting to do. I still have about 5 sets of increases to do on the last sleeve and then I need to knit to 44 cm in total length. WHEW. I will not go to bed tonight until I’m about to start the sleeve cap. I really want to focus on finishing it up tomorrow.

Hubby is out tomorrow as well. He has his fantasy football league draft and then they’re playing poker.

Aren’t I a great wife for letting him do all these things? Isn’t he a great husband for not insisting I do housework and letting me acquire yarn to my heart’s content? Keeping that in mind, I’ve bid on 10 skeins of Silk Garden on eBay. Sure, I’ll probably never knit up all the yarn I’ve got now, but this is beautiful yarn and I’m getting a bargain on it. I love that it’s the same gauge as All Seasons Cotton, but with better yardage so I can make something from that collection.

I’m also going shopping tomorrow. I’ve got my Amy Butler pattern and the fabric so I need to get the interfacing and any other required notions. Monday may be a sewing day! I also need to find the circs to make my meathead and the Paris Loops. I seriously cannot wait to finish Loll so I can start something new. I really hope to whip meathead and my Loop out (want to wear it as it gets cooler) next week and get cracking on Mom’s Air and Dad’s mittens! Billy gets to go to JoAnns and the LYS!

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