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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Let’s see, I’ve got knitting and sewing updates. I’ll try to organize my thoughts. (My first draft of this post was a jumble!). Since this is a knitting blog (née crochet blog), I’ll do the knitting news first.

Loll is done! I finished it at 3 pm Sunday with the in-laws arriving at 4:30. I had just enough time to shower and tidy up the main floor of the house before the door bell rang. Whew. I couldn’t stay up Friday to knit the sleeve up to the sleeve cap, so I was up until 2 am Saturday night knitting, weaving in and starting the seaming, then Dave woke me up at 3 when he got home and Billy decided he needed to be up at 4. But he let me sleep until 8 after that. Sunday, I finished seaming, did the neckline (that took longer than expected, but came out really nicely) and sewed on the buttons. I did not have time to take a picture. I think the nicest touch was the buttons I bought on Saturday (Billy and I spent 2+ hours at Joann). I was going to get plain white buttons then I saw these beautiful Thistle buttons. Since my m-i-l is half-Scottish I had to get the Thistles. I cleaned them out of those buttons (I needed 7). And they were 40% off!

I really liked the pattern and my m-i-l was trés impressed. She told me it looked professionally knit. I will admit that my stitches were nice and even and there were only a few errors in the knitting itself (how many pieces did I rip and re-start?), but my seaming still needs work. I will say that I was not happy with the first sleeve. I don’t like how I handled the increases. The second came out much better!

As for the picture I know I'm a bad knit blogger; I’ve got three FOs since Blogspot’s been offering picture hosting and no pictures to show for them. What a boring knitting blog!

Stash enhancement: I won 10 skeins of Noro Silk Garden in 84. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I don’t like any of the Noro designs enough to buy the books. I was thinking since it’s the same gauge as All Seasons Cotton, I my see if it will work in one of those designs. Although I do particularly like one design from Rowan 33. I’m still waiting on the Calmer that I won last month and 5 skeins of river tape never showed up. I will not be buying any more yarn for a while. I’m banning myself from eBay and my other haunts (except to buy patterns and tools).

I started meathead this morning. Wow, sie 19 needles. If feels like I’m knitting with a giant’s needles! I had to cast on 3 times (first two times didn’t look so good) then I was about to start the stockinet and realized I’d done six rows of 1 x 1 ribbing when the pattern calls for 2 x 2. I ripped and am now back to where I was. I should be able to get this done in the next couple of days. I’m a little worried though about working on it on a crowded bus. I feel like I’ve got oars instead of needles! I think I’ll bring Paris Loop Thursday (I’m off tomorrow Billy’s got a dr’s appointment) just in case I do impale a fellow 113er on the way home tonight. Really, if we still had RNC security, they might not let me into the city with these implements! Paris Loop is definitely coming in the car to Baltimore along with Meathead if I don’t finish. I’ll have to grab another project, too, because I’m ever the optimist and think I’ll get more done than I do and who wants to be project-less in the car?

In sewing news: Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? Turn on those machines ladies! I’ve got a couple projects to work on. Perhaps we should have a sew-along! I’ve got my tote and a dress for a wedding to start! (I have until 10/24 to finish the dress.) Joann had a great sale on all sewing stuff this weekend since this is the month for it. All Simplicity patterns were $1, scissors were half price, buttons and notions were 40% off, and a lot of great fabrics were on sale. I got the interfacing for my Amy Butler bag (hope to start that soon) and a simplicity pattern for that dress for the wedding. I couldn’t find fabric I liked in the sale fabric, so I bought $30 + worth of not on sale fabric. It’s a lovely wine satin with deeper wine chiffon for a drape on the neckline. I’m making a sleeveless top and a full a-line skirt. See picture posted below. I just had too much fun and Billy just charmed all the ladies there. It was good thing I had a $25 gift card. I did not buy any yarn there, but I did get one set of needles I need for my Paris Loops and the needles that I need for Meathead. I spent a lot of time looking at the fat quarters, but didn’t really see too much I wanted (it was hard to resist they were $1). I did see some sets that I liked, but what would I do with them? I’m not quilting yet! All in all a great way to spend a Saturday.

Maybe Sunday I’ll get the fabrics out during Billy’s nap and start cutting things out. Honestly, I’d be lucky to get all the pattern pieces cut out!

I really have to get to work. Sample pages to review!

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