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Thursday, September 02, 2004

My little boy is seven months old today. I was so proud of him last night. Dave and I decided to risk it and try to have dinner at Outback. He was so good the whole time; out classed the screamy, crying, whiny toddler two tables over. He played with his toys, the beer mats, the table, and was a doll. He’s such a great kid. He’s been sleeping better and eating everything we give him. I think we’ll be starting finger foods soon. He’s saying da-da-da-da-da-da now and trying to get from lying on his back to sitting up on his own. Yesterday morning, he discovered the joys of sleeping on his tummy (I put him to bed on his back; he rolled over, mom-police just back off).

Hard to believe it’s been seven months since I pushed him out into the world!

Did I mention that my meathead kit came the other day? I’m so excited to be helping Larissa with this project. I’ll be bringing it in the car to Baltimore next weekend, or I may start in Labor Day. I don’t know; I may be sleeping all day Labor Day. With the way Loll is going, I’m going to be up late Friday and Saturday! I finished the right front last night and cast on for the last sleeve immediately. I’m over half-way through the seed stitch, but man it’s still a lot of knitting to do. Then I have to seam (because although I planned to sew as I went I didn’t) and there’s buttons and a neckband, Oh my!

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