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Thursday, November 29, 2007

why isn't it time to go home yet?

I feel like this has been a very long day. I feel like I've been having the same conversations over and over and over again for the last few months. I feel like people here just love to pile it on and never, ever say thank you regardless of how huge an effort is made by me or my staff on their behalf.
I cannot wait for my Christmas vacation December 21 through January 2. It will be the longest amount of time (12 straight days) I have been out of the office since I came back from maternity leave. I know B will drive me crazy and I will have to come up with field trips and fun things to do (and to try not to overload nap time with too many things I want to/need to do), but I need a break from this place and these people.
I really do like my job and can't really imagine doing anything else, but the frustration level is high these days.
Thank yarn for Orange knitting and happy picots. Also, thanks for happy boys and easy mornings, thanks for great school pictures (apparently, my son was the only 3 yo to smile), thanks for having fun with Hubby and going home to him every day.

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Ruth said...

Hang in there! It is a tough time of year.