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Friday, November 16, 2007

unhappy boy = unhappy mommy

I do not know what has gotten into my kid lately, but can I exchange him for a child that is happy at least 15 minutes a day? OMG. Last night dinnertime was fine. But he didn't want a bath, he didn't want to brush his teeth, he didn't want to go to bed. I didn't scream. But, I was not a happy mommy with the Nth iteration of the fucking whining. I hate whining. Yell at me, scream at me, do not keep whining "I don't want...." Then of course, I couldn't blow off steam at the "gym" because there's a class and since the place is a shoe box, all the equipment was moved.

And then this morning, he didn't want to get dressed and screamed all the way to school because we didn't have a blanket for him in the cold car. It took a half hour to get him into some clothes. What really burned me was him saying he wanted to cooperate and then proceeding to not pick out a freaking shirt.

Boy, I'm really looking forward to our dentist appointments tomorrow. Wouldn't you? Cranky kid and new dentist is not going to be fun. But, since we have to buy a birthday present for his friend's party Sunday, maybe I can bribe him with the promise of a new toy.

On to things more in my control. I'm much happier with this second attempt at a monkey sock. The colors are working much better. But, of course, on US 1 it is too small. I couldn't find a US 2 in my house. So, I am going to Purl at lunch. (I had a lunch meeting yesterday and had no chance to get over there.) I think I'll treat myself to a deli sanwich while I'm out, too. Just for a little spoil me moment. I imagine dinner tonight (like last night's can of Campbell's) will be something quick, light, and not what I really want so I can get to the "gym".

I forgot to mention a little pick-me-up from the weekend. I think I've mentioned before that we have a very small church. Fewer than 50 members, with 25-35 in attendance most weeks. Well, the boiler for the sanctuary hasn't been working and we've been having service in fellowship hall, which means we're all closer together and the choir (all five of them) sits with everyone else during the service and is only up front for the anthem. Anyway, after Sunday's service our choir director (and only alto) went up to Hubby to ask him who was sitting next to him. Me, of course. So they chatted and he mentioned that I'd sung in college (not true, last choir was in high school) and another elder said they had to get me for the choir. So, he pointed me out (I'd gone to the classroom to pick up B) and she asked me to join. I agreed. My first practice is Sunday, the 25th. Much to my chagrin I'll be singing alto. All through my choir experiences I've either been an alto or a second soprano. I'd been singing Soprano and she'd lamented that it was too bad I wasn't an alto, and I shot myself in the foot by saying I'd sing alto if that's what she needed. Dumbass.

So, apparently, I'm not a horrible singer. This does not indicate that I have an awesome voice, but it does say that I'm not horrible. Not that B recognizes it. With him, I'm rarely allowed to sing other than at bedtime. Sunday afternoon, I was singing along with a commercial and he told me to stop. I told him that I'm not a bad singer because they want me to sing at church.

One of the best parts about the whole choir thing? Our director is a knitter!

Still haven't touched Hubby's sweater.


thordora said...

If he's anything like Vivian, he's craving a little independance. I'm trying to let her do more on her own, and it helps. Some.

But the whining. Oh how I hate it.

Amy Lane said...'s been 3-4 year old holy hell week, hasn't it! The Cave Troll has been driving me totally batshit--and if it isn't me, it's every other freaking member of the household. I'm not sure if it's time-of-year exhaustion, being tired of day care (much as I am tired of leaving him there) or what but, well, let's just say I'm with you on the sympathy thing... the little goombahs were made to torture mama...