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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I must be crazy, but with escape plan

So, in my quest to have the perfect pair of Harlot-copying, Hazel Knits Sailor's Delight Monkey socks, I'm back on US 1 circs. Yes, that's right. The too small sock is getting a retry. Because I didn't want to knit the picot hem for the fourth time in a week, I modified by going with the twisted rib as callled for in the pattern.

Ooh, pretty. And stretchy! Now, to knit a couple of repeats, wash and block and see if they will fit my large-ish ankles.

Of course, this means that I will not have sock knitting for our long ride tomorrow. No worries, I have a back-up plan.

Once again, I am copying a more famous blogger. In this case, Claudia. When I saw this yarn on her blog, I had to buy it. (I think I went to the same online shop, too.) They're going to be a nice plain stockinette sock, maybe with a picot hem. I'm going to knit a gauge swatch and just cast on the stitches needed to fit me and have at it.

Hubby's sweater has finally reached the X crossing on the front. I hope to be able to knit on it on the ride tomorrow and all weekend. Hubby assures me I'll probably get lots of praise while working on this sweater at the house of the source of the Scottish heritage. I may even find myself knitting another one for his Grandpa who was born in Paisley. But, it won't be at 6 st to the inch if I do!

Fortunately for those who will be in such a confined space with me tomorrow, my cold is improving rapidly. I'm sure they'll be very happy that I'll be sneeezing and coughing in their general vicinity at a lower frequency.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. And a great November weekend to those of you who are not. I hope to be back with a post on Monday.


Amy Lane said...

I'm so in love with that's not usually my thing, but maybe because I'm tired of dark fall colors, the monkey socks to be are totally turning me on...

Susan said...

I like this iteration of the Monkey socks, too. I think that I am just going to love knitting with that Sailor's Delight yarn. . . once I finish the sweater I'm working on and the mate to the pair of socks I have in progress.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Andrea said...

Oh so beautiful yarn!