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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

happy little picots

Here's my trekking sock, looking a bit brown. I tried to adjust the color to be less yellow. My camera does not capture the ORANGE glory that is this yarn. This is the third cast-on and I'm loving it. The first one was way too big at too big a gauge and the second was also too big at two different gauges (switching needles will do that). I cast on Monday night and hope to hit the heel tonight (depending on how much I knit at the Devils game).

The workout happened last night. The housework happened this morning (m-i-l's babysitting tonight) and I completed one side of the front neckline on Hubby's sweater as well. No sewing can start, as much as I am obsessed with skirts, until I get a yardstick. I've already decided my first skirt's going to be an A-line in Cranberry microwale corduroy. Now, if only I had shoes that would work. Oh, and I need tights!

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