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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ignoring the candy bowl

My boss generously fills the cand bowl on the table near my office at least once a week. Today, I'm not even looking to see what's in it (last week it was all stuff I didn't like).

Yesterday's vent really helped me adjust my thinking, as did a nice sweaty workout. But, I still stepped on the scale this morning. I like the number better, but I really need to stop stepping on the scale. How do you turn off the little voice in your head, though? The one that's been worried about the number since I hit puberty and stopped be scrawny?

I'm blasting through my goals on the dragon socks. I have completed over two and a half repeats after the heel. Since sock one fits great after washing and "blocking," I just need to complete repeat 3, do half a repeat and complete the toe shaping. I should have a finished pair of socks tomorrow! (I think trying to bust it all out tonight would be overreaching.) I do plan to wind up the yarn for my Monkey socks tonight. I can't wait to start them!
I hope to cross the X on hubby's St A sweater this week. I wonder if that's too ambitious. Well, it is motivating to have a goal.
I keep thinking today is Wednesday. It's going to be a long week.

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Amy Lane said...

They look awesome! And ignoring the candy bowl--also awesome! (Again, with the motivation!!!)