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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So want to sew

I got this book in the mail last night. Forget working out. Forget housework. Forget nearly being to the neckline on the front of Hubby's sweater. Forget my new orange sock. Forget my square for the Oliver raffle blanket. I want to sew skirts now!

We had a very nice thanksgiving. Once again, Hubby did the culinary heavy lifting and did a great job. B was an awesome traveller. Only once on the way home was there much fussing. He then promptly took a two hour nap (falling asleep with his hand in a bag of cheetos).

I'm totally not looking forward to Christmas. Well, I'm looking forward to watching other people celebrate and enjoying their decorating and what not. I'm not looking forward to my having to shop and wrap and decorate and all that hoo-ha. I am very much looking forward to singing in choir on Christmas Eve. I had a good first performance on Sunday (when we passed the peace many people told me they were happy to see I'd joined, I think they were happy to see the body count increase). Our director complimented my voice and how quickly I learned my part, but I didn't see her after we performed so I don't know if I lived up to rehearsal.

How about you all? Excited, ambivalent, dreading the holidays?

My in-laws have officially been married 40 years. We had cake for them after church, in the church where they were married, on the exact date of their marriage. Now, we need to take them out to dinner.

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Amy Lane said...

I HATE that, when a new project takes your fancy and you're like "but...I really WANT to do THIS one..." The source of the project harem, yes?

I am looking forward to Christmas...I always have a sort of silent war between my inner child and my inner Grinch. That brat is surprisingly wily in finding ways to win, and I'm usually really stupid/excited about dumb shit, like getting the tree and wrapping presents and watching the kids (big and small) opening what i hope they love. I thought it was just me, but then my husband (I assumed his inner-Grinch had eaten his inner-brat years and years ago) told me that he just couldn't make himself buy that fake tree. Yes, it would be less waste, less mess, less trouble, less time less EVERYTHING. But he loves the kids and their big eyes as we bring a part of the outside inside. The Grinch ain't having a good year in my house...but then, the Pamtookers haven't been beaten yet, so you never know...