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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


My goal is to complete a repeat a day. Then the sock should be done in about a week. Here's last night's repeat.

Of course, if I complete more than a repeat, it's even better.

I've got about 12 rows left on the back of Hubby's St. Andrew's sweater. I'll be bringing that in tomorrow. My knitting group at work's started meeting again and I promised to bring it in to show it to them (first I need to make sure we aren't going on a field trip tomorrow). I really want to cast on for the front this weekend. I'll post a pic tomorrow if I bring it in to the office.

My other goals are more family-oriented. I've apparently been appointed family nag. I hate nagging. It's counter-productive and makes everyone unhappy. But it seems, the male half of my family needs me to be constantly reminding them about what makes getting out of the house go smoothly each day. So it's constant reminders to B that he's going to have to wear a coat because it's not Summer anymore and getting Hubby to get in the shower well before the time we're supposed to be leaving the house. The kid thing I don't mind so much. The grown-up half is a serious problem. I really don't ask for much. But, getting in the shower an hour and a half after me is not going to get us out the door on time and suggesting that I should just handle the drop-off as well as the pick-up is assinine. Especially since it wouldn't get me to work any freaking earlier!

He has since apologized and promised to do better. But, you know we've all heard it before.

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Amy Lane said...

I really want to see that St. Andrew sweater--it was looking AWESOME! And I love that sock yarn--so pretty!