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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

sock progress

Here is the BBB in its boring, blue glory. The knit rounds went surprisingly fast on the way in this morning. It seemed like I was constantly moving my stitch marker. But, that's good. I figure I'm over half done the leg. I'm looking forward to the excitment of the heel. (We won't think about the boring stretch that is the foot!)

I worked on Fillie last night watching RockStar (I think JD was back on his game and Marty was outstanding, I think Suzie is good but not right for INXS, I don't think MiG did his best, and I think Jordis is next to go). My hands started hurting a bit. Mostly the ring and pinkie fingers on my left hand. I throw, so the left hand just holds the needle. Switching off to the sock this morning helped some. I'm only about 12 rows from separating the sleeves from the body. I'm really looking forward to the shorter rows (although, I will miss the yarn overs). Maybe having fewer stitches smooshed onto the circ will help my fingers!

Busy week this week, chez Netter and Hubby. Tomorrow we're going to the Yankee game (it's knit cap night), Friday is my company picnic (employees only), Saturday afternoon we're going to the Yankees again (Boston coming in), and Sunday we're going to the Giants home opener. I hope Billy doesn't get sick of Grammy and Granddad! I can't wait for next week, my parents are coming down and we're going to see the Stones! WOot!

My Herrschner's package shipped. I am anticipating a big box on my step when I get home from the picnic Friday afternoon. How exciting!

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Lauren said...

what needles are you using for your socks? they are looking good ;)