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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

much sock progress

I didn't knit at all yesterday at lunch. I did have the sock in my purse, but KG and I spent so much time chatting and catching up it didn't see the light of day until the bus ride home.

It was so great to see her. Lunch was fun and then I spent the rest of the afternoon squiring her around the office. I loved telling people that her baby was 22" at birth. She's about 5' even and it's hard to imagine a baby that long scrunched up in her. I'm 5'4" and was ridiculously uncomfortable (feet under my ribs) with a 21 1/2" baby!

I did get a lot of knitting done on the foot of the sock on the ride home last night and while watching TV (House and Rockstar:INXS). Sock and I had a morning shoot waiting for the bus. I tried it on and I could probably start the toe right now if the socks were for me (granted they bag alot around the ankles for me), but Hubby's feet are a bit longer. I think I should be able to start the toe tonight, though. And second sock tomorrow!

Hubby's birthday is one month from today. So this morning, I asked Billy (where Hubby could over hear) what we should get Daddy for his birthday. Billy, of course, didn't respond. Hubby said not to bother getting him anything because he does a good job spoiling himself (see all the tickets he's bought this summer), but that I could knit him another pair of socks. I said that wouldn't be much of a surprise. I don't know if he's clued into what my bus knitting has been lately, but I'm not telling!

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cool sock! ;)