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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I love yarn

I get excited just thinking about all the yummy stuff I bought at Stitches. And to think it was all deeply on sale except for the Tess Designs stuff (but that special one of a kind thing you expect to pay more for). Here it is in bags (the bottom left one is the ASC I won on eBay which arrived right before Stitches).

Here are some individual balls from each purchase. The Tess is in the upper left-hand corner. That's going to be a tank for me. I bought 3 hanks. Going clockwise, the 501 Tweed I got at Webs along with the Jo Sharp Soho Summer. 20 balls of each and for me again. Both are DK and lovely plummy colors. Under the Jo Sharp is one skein each of red and navy cotton fleece. I have three skeins of red and five skeins of blue. I'm definitely thinking something for Billy. (I don't know many other people who could carry red and blue together without looking silly.) Below the cotton fleece is the ASC in orange and white. I have 12 balls of that. I was originally thinking about Billy, but the orange is a bit deeper than it looks here (and looked on eBay). Right in the middle there is Hubby's Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. I have 20 balls. As soon as he saw it, he asked for a sweater in it. How can I deny my love? He asked for a mock turtleneck, I'm thinking raglan and ribbed. Under the Aran tweed are three skeins of Orchid Line Soft Spun Wool (wool and silk blend). I have three skeins of beige, three of dark green and two burgundy (I think that's the break down). Those are definitely going to be F-i-L's birthday sweater in '06.


I didn't get around to a fillie shot yesterday (Billy was cranky after a short nap) and didn't make any progress on it either). However, I did snap a progress pic of BBB. As you can see, I'm mid-slog to the toe.


Lolly said...

My friend got some Tess sock yarn for me... I can't wait to see it!

You got some GREAT stuff!

beatknit said...

the yarn motherload! You got some great stuff. I love the reds.