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Thursday, September 15, 2005

not so good kitchener and worse news

I didn't get the toe of the BBB sock finished last night. I finished it this morning. And then I ripped it out. Somehow, I messed up the grafting and wound up with a perfectly round hole in the toe where there are supposed to be two seamless lines of VVVV. Bummer.

In worse bummer news, my younger sister is facing a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. Apparently she's been having pain in some of her joints and had some blood work. Some values were more than 4 Xs the normal levels. (Not quite sure which, communication isn't one of her strong suits and I've received the info second hand from Dad.) So, she'll be going to a rheumatologist soon. Dad thinks he may go with her and thinks she'll be referred to the one he's seen for his osteoarthritis (not many specialists in NW VT). They've put her on Celebrex for now.

They also passed along the news that one of my dearest cousins and his wife of 8 years are splitting up. Apparently, they're still very good friends, but have realized the marriage isn't working. Unfortunately, they do have a little girl, but I know they will be very grown up about the whole situation.

In good news, Mom and Dad look good and Billy warmed up to them quickly (even crying when my mom left him to me for his bath). In better news, we're going to the Stones tonight and Billy and I will be spending all day tomorrow with my parents (I'm stuck at work today for lack of vacation days). And tomorrow night we get to have the best fish and chips on this side of the Atlantic (and maybe even buy Billy some Scottish mementos for his first trip to Argyle and the Piper's Cove).

I worked a bit on Fillie last night. I'm through six balls of yarn. I figure the seventh will take me through the end of the body and ribbing for the bottom and neckline. Then it's off to sleeve island (but not so bad because they're top-down and there will be no seaming!).


Yarngirl said...

So Sorry to hear about your sis. Hopefully it's mild and treatable with med's.

Susan said...

That's a lot to digest, everything that's going on in the lives of those around you. I only wish that the knitting was going better, as that can be such a great stress reliever. I think the best kitchener instructions are in Nancie Wiseman's book -- once you get it the first time, it will go easier after that.