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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

super secret socks

That sounds a lot better than boring blue birthday socks, doesn't it? Still the same pair of socks. But with more excitement because I turned the heel yesterday. Here is the first BBB in it's flash-photography glory. I'm nearly finished the gusset and then it's the slog to the toes. This sock looks really big to me right now. Hubby's green socks were knit on US1 DPNs and I used a lot of yarn. Since I have less of the Preface, I decided to go with a more fluid fabric and went up to US3s. Nice drape, not sure how it's working out. I just hope the darn things fit! (Maybe I should split the difference and knit sock 2 on 2s.)

In other news, I knit two more rows on Fillie and had to go to bed right after the Rockstar recap repeat. Huge sneezing fit, congestion, watery eyes. Ah, hayfever. I felt much better after a few hours sleep. Hubby thinks it's something in the basement-TV room, but I'm not sure because I've gotten the attacks elsewhere. And I've vacuumed in there. I just hope it goes away soon. I really wanted to get Fillie done to wear her at Stitches, but I've got at least 6" on the body and then the sleeves and bands. I don't think it's going to happen. I really need to start my homework swatches and then BBBs are due for 10/14 and I'd like to have mom's sweater (not even started yet) in time for her birthday 10/26. (I know it probably won't happen, but a girl can dream. And it will be impressive if I'm not 7 months late like last time.)

My friend KG is coming into the city today. We're going to go have lunch. I haven't seen her since February when she moved home to Long Island and started her new job. She just had a baby a few weeks ago. (Sent the package out to them just in time.) I'm so excited to see her! But, I don't know if I'll get to knit on the BBBs at lunch at all.

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