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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesday, at home, with the Boy

So, I’m sitting at home today. Billy’s ear was gunky yesterday and he’s had a bad cough. He also was not himself last night so I figured I’d take him to the Dr. Hubby thought she might not have office hours on Wednesday. Of course he was right, she’s not in the office today. Oh well. I called the ENT’s office and we’ve got a scrip for drops for his ears (although no goop since he's been home). The nurse at the Dr’s also recommended Robitussin DM for his cough. If he doesn’t show some improvement by Friday, I’ll see about having someone look at him. We don’t want another case of bronchitis.

He also had 2 instances of biting yesterday, but I’m blaming that on not feeling well.

I did have the opportunity to take some pics of my Stitches haul this afternoon (also included my last eBay win). I’ll post them tomorrow (camera cord is in the office).

I have some progress to report. I finished one sleeve of Fillie last night and have started on sleeve two. I may have an FO soon. I’ll post a progress pic of her tomorrow, too.

BBB’s been languishing a bit. I started reading Yarn Harlot on the way home last night and left the sock in my bag. Tell him to stop looking at me like that, it’s not my fault I didn’t get a seat on the subway.

Forgot to mention yesterday that we met our new neighbors Monday night. He (code name R) is an electrical contractor in Queens and they moved to Cranford from Maplewood because their teenage daughter (code name A) is an Irish dancer. (Apparently the Deirdre Shea school in the middle of town is pretty good. And our school system is better, too.) They are a family of 5, an older boy who I haven’t met yet and a two-and-a-half year old girl (S) along with A. The wife is named C. Didn’t catch if she works. They seem very nice, liked Molly and said we should do something when they get settled in. I’m so happy there’s a younger kid in the neighborhood now. We have a lot of kids, but most are school age and wouldn’t be interested in Billy.

Wouldn't it be great if C knits?

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beatknit said...

Hope Billy's feeling better. My Alex (age 2) had allergy attacks all last week. It's so hard to see your baby sick.