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Thursday, April 28, 2005

what do you do with a snoring husband?

I'd like to put mine in the street so I could get a night's sleep, but I wound up on the couch. He's nearly impossible to wake up once he's a sleep. I don't know how he can sleep so deeply. I'm so exhausted. This is the second night he's done this to me. Woken me up by coming to bed at 2 am (he falls asleep watching TV, I used to call him with the cell and get him to bed at a decent hour) and keeping me up by snoring his ever loving head off. I could close my eyes and drift off right now...

Fortunately, the migraines have tapered off. I still get headaches, but they're not full-blown migraines. I did start getting a little tingly and loopy yesterday, but the meds held it off. I still plan to call my doctor for my results by noon-time. (Everyone keeps calling about the MRI, M-i-L, my mom, my dad's parents called them.)

I've only got one bust increase to finish. Then it's on to the armscyes, or holes, or whatever you want to call them. I went to bed at 9 pm last night and didn't knit at all this morning; the only recent progress was on the bus home, which was good. Too tired to do anything else. Hope I don't nap too much in the car tomorrow afternoon! Must get Air sewn! Nope I haven't touched it!

I think I really should plan to head up to Lord and Taylor this afternoon to by the bookbookbook and have it signed by the Harlot herself!

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Lauren said...

Good to hear that the migraines have tampered off. I hope the headaches go away too!

Best of luck getting the book and meeting Yarn Harlot :)