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Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy April

Big sigh here, I had a great post written yesterday and Blogger ate it and then I was in a meeting for four and a half hours and had no time to recreate.

Mostly, it was about my excitement building up about going to see the Eagles last night. It was a great show. (We had seats and everything.) Of course, it was a cold tailgate. Heaven forbid we have two nice, Spring-like days in a row. But it was fun hanging with our friends.

I also had some pithy and interesting things to say about Angelina (boring hag) and my Nothin' but a T. I have officially put Angelina aside. And started the swatch for my T. I do have to do a bit of math (and print the pattern again), because I always think I'm smaller than I am.

Hopefully, I can cast-on this weekend.

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